HeartMath UK has the following training programmes on offer:


The 1:1 HeartMath Coaching License

An intensive 3 day programme covering all of HeartMath’s coaching tools and techniques, including a month of personalised one-on-one coaching with an experienced HeartMath Coach who will take you through the programme as if you were a client.
On completion of the programme you will be licensed to call yourself a HeartMath Coach, teach all the tools and techniques in one-on-one instruction, and market yourself using various HeartMath trademarks and intellectual property.
You will also receive 20% discount on future purchases of emWave and Inner Balance Trainer, and enjoy ongoing support and training through our Coaching network.

See here for more information and our events calendar for the next 1:1 HeartMath Coaching Licensed programme.

Training Partner Group License

This is a 4 day TTT (Train-the-Trainer) programme, wherein we teach you how to deliver a full HeartMath workshop – Transforming Stress – to your corporate clients.

You’ll receive all the manuals, workbooks, slideshow presentations, case studies, media and resource library, enabling you to offer a world class stress reduction and performance improvement programme, measurable and sustainable.

Due to the nature of this 4 day programme, we recommend that you attend the 1:1 Programme first for a strong foundation in HeartMath’s tools, techniques and technology.

Please contact Gavin Andrews for more information on becoming a Training Partner.

Corporate: Transforming Stress

A customised programme to meet your unique corporate needs, involving employees at any level of your organisation. The effectiveness of Transforming Stress is measured with the use of The Institute of HeartMath’s Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment (POQA) tool, prior to and post our intervention. The addition of emWave technology is highly recommended to promote ongoing practice of the techniques, thus maintaining the transformation from stress into Resilience. We’ll help you create a package to suit your budget.

Please contact Gavin Andrews for more information on Transforming Stress.

Corporate: Consulting

As leaders in the field of transforming stress, HeartMath UK offers a consulting service to help get your business back on track.

Please contact Gavin Andrews for more information.