miguel-toribio-mateasMiguel Toribio-Mateas is Britain’s HeartMath Ambassador

Miguel is one of the UK’s top Registered Nutritional Therapists, and is the Chairman of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT). As an Independent Nutritional and Media Consultant, he is often quoted in national and international press, and is a regular contributor to various professional publications. Miguel has integrated a varied academic background including postgraduate education in Business, Complexity & Environmental Systems, and Nutritional Medicine, with a longstanding interest in mindfulness.

“I was interested in mindfulness since my childhood. My sister, now a Professor of Philosophy of the Mind, was my main source of inspiration. I grew up surrounded by her books and  started reading philosophy at an age when I should have been reading books about pirates and treasures, so the reflective mind and looking inward have been part of my life ever since remember”.

All through his teens Miguel was interested in Eastern philosophy, and particularly Buddhism. He moved to the UK when he was 21 and trained with the British Wheel of Yoga in the early 2000s. He combined a successful career as research and training consultant working for some of the world’s top scientific publishers with his studies, achieving a First Class Honours in Nutritional Medicine in 2009. Miguel is a Guest Lecturer at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition, the University of West London, and the British College of Nutrition and Health, and has a thriving London clinical practice that has mindfulness at its very core, with a specialism on Healthy Ageing. Miguel is a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), and is the only Nutrition Health Professional in the UK to be Board Certified in Anti-Ageing, Regenerative and Functional Medicine by the Board of Anti-Ageing Health Professionals (ABAAHP). He is also on the Scientific Peer Review Board for the London Anti-Ageing Conference. Miguel is a Licensed HeartMath Provider and uses HeartMath to help control emotional eating, as well as to support successful and sustainable emotional eating.

“Before I trained to become a HeartMath Licensed Provider I had read “The HeartMath Solution”, but I hadn’t realised of the huge potential HeartMath has in a Nutritional Therapy context. Feelings related to food are hardcoded into our brain as they are part of our primal survival system. Additionally, food can conjure up a myriad of emotional images. Just thinking about what we ate as children can make us feel a certain way. And comfort eating, a major source of health problems, is largely triggered by emotions that can be easily tackled by the practice of HeartMath. I find myself using HeartMath with every single of my clients now, whether they go away with a book, an Inner Balance, or simply some exercises to do at home. HeartMath is undoubtedly the most powerful tool I’ve ever encountered and it has enhanced my clinical outcomes immensely.”

Miguel’s interest in HeartMath goes beyond its clinical application on a one-to-one level. A keen science student, Miguel has recently enrolled on a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience at Roehampton University and hopes to base his research project on the benefit of implementing HeartMath as part of successful nutrition coaching, with a focus on ageing markers such as hardening of the arteries, for example.

“Cortisol, dubbed the “stress hormone” and DHEA, the “anti-ageing hormone” are both involved in ageing. I test these routinely as part of my clinical work. Stress often means that we produce too much cortisol. Fear, anxiety or anger can have similar effects. We can feel “revved up”, with a feeling that “we cannot switch off”. This often translates into premature ageing, seen in the skin as well as internally, e.g. hardening of the arteries. Increased production of DHEA and balanced cortisol can help bring you back to balance. Both hormones are produced in the adrenal glands. When we experience these negative emotions for long periods of time we can “exhaust” our adrenal function, reducing our resilience or ability to deal with life issues. I see many of my clients “cracking under stress”. This, over time, can result in real, tangible exhaustion, and accelerated ageing. Many of my clients using HeartMath have reported dramatic positive changes adrenal function, and they all have reported an increased sense of focus and wellbeing.”

HeartMath UK is delighted to count on Miguel as an Ambassador for the application of HeartMath in Nutritional Therapy. If you’d like to find out more about how you can apply HeartMath in your Nutritional Therapy practice, please contact Gavin Andrews.

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