Solving Sleeplessness: The Smart Way to Beat Insomnia

Download a simple tool from HeartMath® and learn to fall asleep easy and stay asleep.

Sleeplessness is more common than many people realise. If you’ve been having sleepless nights lately, you’re not alone; 50 to 70 million American adults have sleep problems of some kind and 49% of Americans reported not getting enough sleep because they’re too stressed out. HeartMath has tools and techniques that can help.

In this ebook app, you’ll find a lot of information about stress and sleeplessness and instructions for using a simple, powerful tool for sleeping more peacefully more often. This app includes an ebook, audio book, videos and webinars to help you with sleep and stress issues.

Head on over to your nearest iTunes or App store and search for “Solving Sleeplessness” by HeartMath.

Inner Balance™ Trainer and emWave2®: Getting Into “The Zone”

Inner Balance Trainer and emWave2 are personal heart-rate rhythm monitoring sensors and apps which help train you to regulate your inner rhythms more effectively.

Can’t “switch off” your mind at night?

Follow along with the soothing LED lights breathing pacer display as you focus on your breathing and a feeling of inner ease and calm… calming both the mind and nervous system… falling asleep in no time at all.


Download the PDF here.