HeartMath UK Resilience Coaching & Training in Organisations

Coaching For My People

HeartMath UK offers executive coaching for corporates to enhance the well-being of your employee, reduce the negative impact of stress overload and ultimately increase performance.

Please contact Gavin Andrews for more information.


Training For My People

The Resilience Advantage is a customised programme to meet your unique corporate needs, involving employees at any level of your organisation.

The effectiveness of The Resilience Advantage is measured with the use of The Institute of HeartMath’s Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment (POQA) tool, prior to and post our intervention.

The addition of emWave technology is highly recommended to promote ongoing practice of the techniques, thus sustaining the transformation from stress into Resilience.

We’ll help you create a package to suit your budget.

Please contact Gavin Andrews for more information on HeartMath’s Resilience Advantage.