HeartMath For Me

Help Me – Find a Coach

Are you:

Angry? Frustrated? Sad? Depressed? Irritated? Scared? Alone? Under Pressure? Stressed Out? Anxious?

Find a licensed one to one HeartMath coach to help you

  • overcome overwhelm & avoid burnout
  • improve your relationships
  • reduce your stress & overload
  • manage your anxiety, frustration or anger
  • improve your overall well-being
  • manage and regulate your emotions to increase your performance in the moments you need it


Train Me – Become a Coach

Are you interested in becoming a licensed one to one coach, learning how to teach HeartMath techniques and tools to your clients? Click here to find out more about our Coach Training Programme.


Teach Me – Self-study with Books and Technology

Learn to change the way you react to stress. Take a look at our many books and various Heart Rate Variability monitors for self-regulation in our online shop.