Do you want to…

  • Help your clients or colleagues to reduce their stress, build their resilience and perform to their highest potential?
  • Increase your own emotional and mental clarity, improve your physiological health and help teach others to do the same?
  • Differentiate yourself from other practitioners by being licensed to offer a leading edge, scientifically validated, practical and highly effective approach?

HeartMath’s Coach Certification and Training Programme is the solution!

“An invaluable few days of personal investment that I know will continue to reap rewards for years to come…it is certainly working so far.” Mark, Somerset

The programme will give you:

•    A lifetime certification that allows for the commercial use of HeartMath’s intellectual property and to promote yourself as a HeartMath Coach within the UK and Ireland.
•    Three days in depth training in the HeartMath System.
•    Four hours of 1:1 telephone coaching prior to the programme.
•    The confidence and understanding to teach the HeartMath techniques and tools and to present the science behind the HeartMath System.
•    The skill to coach and teach using HeartMath’s workbooks (designed to meet different client needs).
•    The skill to instruct individuals how to use the Inner Balance and emWave® technologies.
•    A 20% discount on HeartMath products and publications.
•    A listing in the directory of UK and Ireland 1:1 Providers and membership of the HeartMath UK 1:1 Provider Community.
•    In-depth personal training materials.

HeartMath UK run a Coach Certification and Training Programme each quarter. The pre programme coaching takes place in the 4-6 weeks running up to the programme. Training is held at Gorse Hill, Woking, Surrey. Each day begins at 9:00am and ends at 5pm. Lunch and refreshments are provided and we can offer discounted rates if you would like accommodation at Gorse Hill.

The cost of the programme is £ 1499 (plus 20% VAT, total £ 1798.80) and includes both an Inner Balance™ Bluetooth Sensor and an emWave Pro® HRV monitor worth £ 409.

Coach Training Dates

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“After attending the HeartMath UK Coach training event I immediately recommended it unequivocally to a friend who had been wondering whether to sign up for the next event. Not only did I learn a lot but we enhanced our learning by practicing the HeartMath techniques as we went… All in all, one of the most inspiring trainings I’ve enjoyed.”  Elizabeth, Pembrokeshire

“I have worked in healthcare as an osteopath for over 15 yrs… I was looking for a proven, gold standard solution. Having now trained as a 1:1 provider, I can say with integrity that this is the best solution I have ever used.”  Ian, Hampshire

Benefits of the programme:

HeartMath UK’s unique Coach Training Programme has been created for coaches, counsellors, therapists, consultants, HR, medical and health professionals and others who want to teach their individual clients or colleagues the HeartMath system through a one to one process.

The programme is open to all – you do not need to be a qualified coach.

“Attending the HeartMath 1:1 Coach Training Programme was of immense value to me, both personally and professionally… I would thoroughly recommend attendance on this programme to anyone seeking to embrace HeartMath as part of their experiential coaching portfolio.”  Sheena, Essex


Restrictions: Please note that the HeartMath UK Coach Certification does not authorise instruction in the HeartMath System to groups or at any type of group training workshop or seminar.

To register, please submit the following form or contact Gavin Andrews on 020 3701 6099

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