HeartMath in Sport

Athletes from many sports disciplines from Olympic sports to professional golf, football and cricket have harnessed the power of HeartMath® to take control of their performance and harness their innate emotional power to perform on demand.

Beyond the Barriers offer a range of training programmes for athletes, sports coaches and teams.

Beyond the Barriers

At Beyond the Barriers we help individuals and teams get a competitive edge. We give people the tools to perform at their best under challenging conditions, be it in business, sport or life.

Beyond the Barriers holds an official UK license for delivery of HeartMath training programmes in the business and sports sectors and operate group and individual training courses for HeartMath.

Our highly experienced team of performance psychologists, health professionals and Olympic athletes have all performed at the highest level. We have developed a range of engaging programmes to strengthen your mind and body and help you achieve outstanding performance.

“If you’re not using HeartMath, you are really missing out” Stuart Cartwright – European Tour Elite Golf Coach

HeartMath Certification Course for Sports Professionals

Our Certification programme for Sports Professionals is designed for sports coaches, psychologists and scientists who want to coach individual athletes the powerful techniques of the HeartMath System. We teach you how to train your athletes in HeartMath’s clinically proven techniques and help them harness and organise their innate emotional power to perform on demand.

As a certified HeartMath Sports Provider you will receive:

  • Certification to coach individuals in sport using the HeartMath tools and techniques.
  • Instruction in how to teach the research and science behind the HeartMath System for sport.
  • Instruction in how to teach individuals HeartMath’s tools and techniques for athletes.
  • Instruction in how to teach individuals the most effective use of the emWave® technology and how to validate real-time measurable feedback.
  • Discounts with Beyond the Barriers for ongoing use of HeartMath products.
  • Access to Beyond the Barriers network of HeartMath trained sports professionals.

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“I can honestly say this was one of the best training courses I’ve been on for a long time – enhancing my thinking and approach within the sports psychology world massively.”
Ken Way, Sports Psychologist – Premiership Football, Squash & Sailing.

For further information about Beyond the Barriers please email us at: enquiries@beyondthebarriers.co.uk